Save The Cookie – Sinking

Americký hudobný producent Matt Patrick spolu so slovenským Save the Cookie vytvotili nezávislý Slovensko – Americký progresívny hudobný projekt. Na tvorbe textu skladby  „Sinking“ sa podieľal aj Martin Rausch.

Text piesne

It’s late at night I’ driving ‘round
watchin’ the world go upside down
I stop and gaze out at the sea
I can fly, but cannot breathe

The music fades and night begins
darkness comes, I fall right in
jumping right, between the sharks
They cannot hurt if they have no heart
Is this just a nightmare
a new dream, a rebirth or my own confusion?
I’m getting lost, I can’t find
my own way to a logical conclusion

Is it just a nightmare
a new dream a rebirth or some other reason
I gotta’ find a new way to move with
thee ever chcnging saesons

The water flows, the tide is high
don’t float or sink just drifting by
Dancing bubbles, all around
the sun is up but I’m still down

I will stay alive
in your lullabay
I’ll stay alive
in your lullabay